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Quality of Light

LEDs bring the beauty of energy and money saving into reality. It provides a selection of lights in many shades of brightness to bring the beauty of the right light to every moment, every room; be it ambient, focal or decorative. Soft warm white atmospheric light for residential and commercial settings; and bright cool white light for workplace settings. LEDs work brilliantly in all kinds of everyday general lighting occasions, from task lamps to overheads, accents to hallways and many more.

Directional Light

Incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lights have omni-directional lights, while the lights produced by LEDs are directional. For example, an incandescent or compact fluorescent bulb or T8 fluorescent tubes inside a recessed fixture will waste about half of the light that they produced, which is not the case for LEDs, where all the lights it produced are fully utilised.

Instant On to Full Brightness

LEDs light up instantly to full brightness with no restrike delay, as opposed to traditional lighting sources that require heat to warm up the filaments or the use of chemical elements to generate light.

Long Life Span

LEDs have an estimated of 30,000 to 45,000 hours of incredibly long life span compared to the conventional lighting sources. LEDs do not burn out like the convention lighting sources do, but instead they light intensity gradually degrade over time. Furthermore, the life span of LEDs and lumen output stay unaffected by frequent switching. Thus no more ladders, no more maintenance problems, and no more hassles.

No Flicker, No Humming

Fluorescent lights take time to light up to full brightness and exhibit flickering, a phenomenon that is difficult for the human eye to perceive, resulting in eye discomfort and eye strains. Fluorescent lights is also infamously known for its annoying buzzing/droning noises whereas LEDs light up instantly to full brightness without such issues.